Who We Are

Welcome to Hausman Foods

We are dedicated to quality and to creating growth by joining with customers to promptly service their rapidly changing needs.

We care about you

We stay responsive to customers, employees, and vendors by providing value, quality, and consistency in a creative manner.

Our business is here and abroad

We are a manufacturer of value added meat products for the national and international food industry with a focus on custom production and preferred label products.

Our History

In 1939 Sam Hausman brought 20 years of South Texas meat industry experience to Corpus Christi, and opened Sam Hausman Meat Packer. The tiny family business started with four employees, including Sam’s wife, Fannie.

Today Hausman Foods employs 120 at two processing plants, and is still located in the Texas coastal city.

Sam and Fannie were both raised in European families that made their living in the meat business, and both knew the secret to success: dependable quality and value. Corpus Christi customers quickly learned they would get a good product every time from the Hausman shop.

As the family tradition of providing consistently good product at a good price endured, Sam Hausman Meat Packer grew steadily throughout the 1940’s, and by the 1950’s the original shop was too small. Now in his 60’s, Sam Hausman found a larger facility capable of handling many times the amount of fresh beef, and a new plant opened with fanfare in May, 1955.

Sam Hausman was known throughout the region as a person who gave back to his community and who always rewarded the good work of his loyal employees. His was above all a dedicated husband, father and grandparent.

Shortly after the joyful move into the new facility, there was a very sad time. Sam Hausman became ill and passed away in 1958. The reins passed to son-in-law David Holliday, a long time plant executive who had performed every job at the business.

Holliday guided Hausman through a super-competitive era during the 1960’s. At the end of the decade the company torch was passed to the third Hausman generation: David’s sons Rick and Steve Holliday. Rick became president and Steve was vice-president. The brothers, just in their 20’s, had grown up working at the family plant and now worked tirelessly to produce ever-higher quality foods.

Sam Hausman Meat Packer attracted new customers, and a new reputation emerged: Hausman was at the cutting edge of the changing industry. Increasing business brought the need for a newer and even larger facilities, and a 20,000 square-foot plant was built on Beacon Street in 1975 equipped with the first cryogenic freezer in South Texas.

Hausman expanded into value added beef, pork and chicken custom and preferred label products for the national and international food industry, including gourmet steaks, smoked brisket, pre-breaded beef and pork, hand cut steaks and cutlets, marinated proteins, individually quick frozen hamburger patties, smoked briskets and ribs, fully cooked Mexican food entrees, sauces and more. In 2001, Hausman doubled its processing space by occupying a second 20,000 square foot plant.

In 2005 Rick and Steve Holliday retired. Two of Sam Hausman’s great-grandchildren, Amy Seward and Jerry Simpson, became vice-presidents.

Serving an international clientele, the company became Hausman Foods in 2005 and is ranked among the nation’s top 200 producers by Meat Processor magazine. The company adopted the slogan “Innovative Custom Protein Processors” to emphasize beef, pork and poultry custom-process capabilities for regional and national chains. In 2008 Hausman Foods marked its 70th year by producing “chicken fried bacon,” winner of the Texas State Fair Big Tex Choice Award for taste, christened “the talk of the fair” by the Dallas Morning News.

From the days of sawdust-covered floors to today’s cryogenic freezing processes, Hausman Foods has a proud history of providing the best for its customers, its employees and community. Sam Hausman’s original commitment of excellence now spans four generations, and just as in 1939, consistent quality is our promise to our ever-growing customer base.