Mexican Specialties

Hausman offers an extensive line of Authentic Mexican specialties to include, Barbacoa, Raw marinated Beef & Chicken Fajita meat, Taco meat, Raw Chorizo, Carne Quisada, Menudo. Beef Street Taco's, Carne Guisada

Specially selected steak cuts are cubed and slowly simmered in our Mexican style spicy gravy creating a carne guisada that is a zesty, tantalizing dish.


Sam Hausman Foods’ fajitas are a south Texas inspired favorite, renowned for their flavor and tenderness.

Taco Meat

Lean ground beef with a flavorful seasoning results in a tasty taco delight.

Raw Marinated Chicken

Beef Fajitas

Red Chili Pork

Green Chili Pork


Raw Marinated Beef Fajitas

Carne Guisada