Kettle Cooked

Hausman Foods offers a wide range of Kettle Cooked Products. Try our Hausman Foods product line sold by distributors nationwide or have our Research and Development team custom design a product to fit your needs.

Taco Meat
Lean ground beef with a flavorful seasoning results in a tasty taco delight

Chunks of lean meat are cooked and simmered in our own special sauce recipe and the chili is ready to heat an serve.

Carne Guisada
Specially selected steak cuts are cubed and slowly simmered in our Mexican style spicy gravy creating a carne guisada that is a zesty, tantalizing dish.

Barbecue Sauce
Brown sugar, spices, and fresh tomato paste are carefully combined with other special ingredients to create Hausman Foods barbecue sauce. A great food accent to put on any dish or table.